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Newsan Food

It is the export business unit of food products of Newsan

16 junio, 2015

29 mayo, 2015


Shrimps, Hake, Squid, and others


Whole, Broken, Blanched, Raw, Toasted


Organic and Traditional

Olive Oil

Organic and Traditional



Special Products

Rice, beans, chickpeas & dried plums


Direct Employment
Tons of products exported
Purchasing countries
Million USD sales of products exported

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Newsan Food, Newsan’s Export Unit, was created 5 years ago when the company, faithful to its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, ventured into the export of products derived from the fishing industry.

In a second stage, the company incorporated other food products from regional economies, such as honey, plum, raisins, rice, peanuts, chickpeas, beans, peas and olive oil.

Among its main contributions, Newsan Food contributed to the reactivation of the fishing sector, in which the company identified an enormous potential and capacity, deciding to contribute capital, strategy and marketing plans.

Through financial contributions and commercial agreements, Newsan Food not only finances the working capital necessary to carry out the operation, but also makes specific investments for fleet renewal or the extension, modernization and mechanization of processing plants owned by third parties.

In 2016, Newsan Food’s export operations involved the generation of direct and indirect employment for more than 2,500 regional workers and small producers.

Since its inception, Newsan Food has become the main fishing exporter in Argentina and its exports of food products have grown steadily, having surpassed USD 300 MM in 2016.

At present, its products reach more than 65 countries, including China, Spain, the United States, France, Israel, Italy, Japan and Russia.


We are the leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of electronic and household goods in Argentina. We were created in 1991 from the merger of the local company Sansei S.A. with the Japanese company Sanyo Electric Trading Co.

With over 25 years of history in Argentina, we currently lead the national markets of screens, TV Sets, Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens and several Small Appliances categories.


Accompanying the country’s investment and development process, Newsan Food is committed to strengthening and enhancing the generation of key businesses for regional economies. Not only we finance working capital, but also make specific investments for the fleet renewal or the extension, modernization and mechanization of third-party processing plants.

We offer our management and know-how in foreign trade operations, offering operational assistance in terms of documentation and logistics, achieving the best market prices, which places us in a position of great competitiveness.