We are the leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of electronic and household goods in Argentina.

Our products and services offer technologic solutions for a better life quality of both users and consumers.

We were created in 1991 from the merger of the local company Sansei S.A. with the Japanese company Sanyo Electric Trading Co.

With over 25 years of history in Argentina, we currently lead the national markets of screens, TV Sets, Air Conditioners, PC Screen Monitors, Tablets, Microwave Ovens, Audio and several Small Appliances categories.

We have grown sustainably since our begginings – as result of an expansive strategy focused on offering first class electronic and household goods, backed by investments in excess of 280 million dollars over the past six years. This strategy has also turned us into the largest private employer in the province of Tierra del Fuego.

We develop our activities throughout/within the country by means of 5 business units: Consumer electronic and Home Appliances, Strategic Alliances, Small Appliances, White Goods and Newsan Food Export Unit.

Newsan currently manages a broad portfolio of brands and product lines, making us the most relevant supplier to the retail sector. Thanks to the utilization of cutting-edge technology in our plants, we have been chosen by several worldrenowned brands for production under license.

Over 5,000 employees in 8 productive and 3 logistic centers plants at Tierra del Fuego and Buenos Aires follow strict processes to ensure the quality of our products.


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